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Offer our software to your prospects and set yourself apart from the competition.

Ideal for small – medium sized auto repair shops who write their invoices & estimates by hand. Can be used with existing software but it requires an extra step.

Our optional prospecting system has blazed the trail for you. Skip the trial & error phase and jump to a program that works!

Things to Know

An ISO account is $39.00 per month and includes your own full merchant demo account. Additional end user accounts are $39.00 per month. You will have the ability to purchase additional end user accounts and add your own merchants as needed.

Please note: Our software is a work in progress and will be developed based on end user feedback. It is important to let your merchants know that they will be using software that is new. We are currently marketing this to merchants as a chance to participate in BETA testing.

Current Features:

  • Create a Dual Price Invoice/Estimate
  • Create a Single Price Invoice/Estimate W/Cash Discount
  • Create a Single Price Invoice/ Estimate Without a Cash Discount
  • Download, Print and Email PDF Documents
  • Save Customer Information
  • Add New Users Within Your Company
  • Items & Prices are Memorized & Saved

Upcoming Features

  • Sales & Sales Tax Reporting
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Integrated Scheduler
  • Edit Memorized Items & Price List
  • Edit Saved Drafts
  • Daily Sales & Deposit Reports
  • Import / Export Customers

How it Works:
When you enter the regular price, our software will add 3.99% (or whatever you and your merchant agree on) and display the total as the “List Price”. For dual pricing, your regular price will show as the cash price. For single price, only the higher “List Price” will be displayed with a cash discount summary at the bottom of the document. Tax exempt items such as state inspections, can be entered in the “Non-Tax No Fee” section.

If 3.99% is added to your regular price your merchant account will need to charge you 3.837% for the amounts to reconcile.
Regular Price $100.00
Fee 3.99% $3.99
Total $103.99
Merchant fee 3.837% -$3.99
Amount funded $100.00

In this example, you would not pay any fee and receive the full $100.00. This example does not include sales tax. If the sales tax rate is 8%, our software would have added $8.32. This is the only amount you pay fees on. $8.32 x 3.837% = .32 cents.

Feel free to try it out and let us know your thoughts. Before you create an invoice/estimate you need to enter sample customer information. Please note that all customer fields are required for the program to work.

Common Questions

Can I use any processor?

Yes. Our software does not require a specific processor. Payments are completed using a stand alone terminal.

Will you talk to my clients or solicit them?

The only reason we will talk with your clients is to assist with setup or troubleshooting. Our NDA agreement includes a promise from us that we will not force your clients to use our processing service.

Who sets the non-cash rate?

The amount added to the regular price is determined by you and your merchant. We suggest staying within 3.50 – 4%.

Can I charge my client to use this?

Yes. That is between you and your client. We suggest offering it to them for free as an incentive to use your services.

What does my client need to use this?

Our software is browser based. A computer, printer and a good internet connection are the only requirements.

Who will my client contact for support?

They can contact us or you for support. If they contact us, we will copy you on any correspondence.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to working with you.